National Park Hohe Tauern


This recreation area is thanks to its 1 836 km² the biggest National Park in the Alps. This place, with its beautiful Alpine landscape and pure nature, is very unique. Who would have thought that when Yellowstone was established in 1872 in the Rocky Mountains it would be the first step towards a worldwide vision: establishing national parks all over the world. Behind this is the effort to maintain world’s beautiful landscape, not only for our generation, but also for the generations to come. Besides that this landscape starts at 1000 m above sea level and reaches towards Großglockner which is 3 798 m high.

A Breath-taking Variety of High Tauern National Park

Both during winter and summer this National Park offers plenty of interesting activities that you can participate in. All of the municipalities situated in this region willingly help to protect steady progress of this region. It concerns hiking trails or maintaining old and original traditions – one will be simply blown away by the charm of this National Park!

A hike from the valley to the landscape situated between the mountain tops that are surrounded by icebergs reminds of a journey to the Arctic through all of the climate zones that lie between Central Europe and the polar region. On the journey, you can see mountains that are over 3000 m high, icebergs, iceberg lakes, waterfalls, tarns, alpine meadows or centuries old sheepfolds – all of that will become an unforgettable experience.