Wine and culinary tourism

Wine and enjoyment in Styria. Two nights in a hotel 4*, 2x half board, tour of the oil mill, tasting of wine, walk with guide to the town Graz.
Vinohrad v jižním Štýrsku © Steiermark Tourismus/Schiffer

Culinary journey across Styria, 3 nights in a hotel, breakfast in St.Johann, 3x dinner, tour of the horse stables, oil mill, ham factory with tasting, chocolate manufactory, ZOO, park and castle in the Herberstein. tasting wine in viticulture, max. 20 persons.
Restaurace Meierei ve Vídni
Action for large groups with meals in ZOO at the castle Schoenbrunn in Vienna.

Culinary Journey around South Styria, tasting of wine, liqueurs, ham Vulcano, chocolate Zotter, you will visit manufactory of production vinegar, oil mill, Museum of Witches and you will discover boar menu.
Zotterova čokoláda Labooko © Zotter / H. Lehmann

Brewery in Salzburg with tasting
Adventure ride with excursion tractor ( visitation of Austrian orchard, vineyard of Styria, tasting of wine and apples).
World of Whisky St. Nicolai, visitation  of distillery, production and tasting.

Viticultury and wine tap-room Schneeberger, visitation, tasting and bed.